RF Indoor/Outdoor Coverage Solutions

Communications Infrastructure serves as the backbone for all voice, data and video traffic across networks. Proper planning, engineering, installation, and daily operation and maintenance of this infrastructure are of critical importance to an organization's daily operations where communications failure is not an option. We make it easy to determine which products to invest in for your use and which ones will save you money, improve service and yield a positive return to the business.

Our complete range of Active and Passive DAS products and solutions provides innovative and leading-edge designs with a focus on high performance and quality. Our wireless DAS products for in-building coverage such as feeder cables, splitters, combiners, termination loads, attenuators, and antennas are easy to install, reliable with high quality and low PIM operation.

Our Indoor and Outdoor RF repeaters provides innovative coverage solutions specific to mobile operators’ allotted spectrum. Offering a wide-range of RF repeaters for various indoor uses, our NMS allows to actively monitor and configure the repeaters while sitting at remote locations. An alarming facility allows for quick response in areas where repeaters are installed in high availability environment. Our outdoor RF repeaters complement the BTS by increasing the mobile coverage area; thereby increasing the network utilization. The required capital expenditure and associated operational costs are substantially reduced while deploying outdoor repeaters for coverage network expansion. Designed for outdoor use, these repeaters can withstand extreme temperatures and whether conditions while minimizing environmental impact. Our RF repeaters provide cost effective in-building and outdoor coverage in areas such as tunnels, buildings, basements, car parks, restaurants, airports, rural areas, highways, railway stations, dense vegetation areas, etc.