48V Lithium-ion Batteries: RP-48V-Li Series (50 - 150Ah)

  • High Safety Ensured by Integrated Smart Battery Management System
  • High Energy Density by Adopting LifePO4 Cells
  • Extendable Capacity through Parallel Connection
  • Wide Working Temperature Range
  • Perfectly Fits in Telecom Standard 19" Cabinet
  • Excellent Cycle and Calendar Life
  • High Cycle Round Trip Efficiency (RTE)
  • Visual SOC and Alarming Indication
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Easy Handling and Installation
Part No. Descriptions
RP-4850-Li Lithium-ion battery, 48V-50Ah
RP-48100-Li Lithium-ion battery, 48V-100Ah
RP-48150-Li Lithium-ion battery, 48V-150Ah
RP-48200-Li Lithium-ion battery, 48V-200Ah