Optical Products

From cloud data center to remote telecom room, from service provider to enterprise office building, our extensive product portfolio of products and network expertise ensure our ability to provide solutions that address major challenges such as speed of deployment, labor costs, performance and quality cost deferment. Our cable and network patching platforms are versatile to meet specific customer demands while ensuring migration options for future bandwidth growth.

We focus on building stronger connections, shaping networks of the future and growing & optimizing bandwidth. Currently more than 2 billion kilometers of optical fiber is deployed around the world, linking people, businesses, communities, countries, and continents together. Due to its compatibility with other technologies and nearly unlimited bandwidth capacity, optical fiber has the ability to grow and adapt to future communication needs.

Our solutions are built with products and systems that are modular, cost-effective and easy to install and maintain. Our solutions for data center cabling infrastructure are designed to offer a competitive advantage and a lower cost of ownership immediately. As a result, the evolution path to higher speeds such as 40G and 100G data rates, as well as next-generation applications such as cloud computing and virtualization, is ensured already in the data center cabling infrastructure design and planning process.

Our Fiber to the home (FTTH) solutions ensures use of optical fiber all the way to individual buildings such as single family units (SFUs), multidwelling units (MDUs), and businesses to provide high-speed broadband access which dramatically increases connection speed and reliability for broadband networks.