• Covers multi-band frequency range
  • For indoor & outdoor use
  • Compact designs
  • Low passive intermodulation (PIM)
  • Delivers consistent patterns
  • Fast & easy installation
  • Powers 2W to 200W
  • Available in omni/directional SISO and MIMO configurations
  • Available for stadiums and train applications
Part No. Description
  Omnidirectional SISO Antennas
33-8046-A Omnidirectional in-building antenna, 698-960/1710-2700MHz, 1.5/5dBi, -153dBc, N-female
33-8051-A Omnidirectional in-building wideband antenna, 698-3800, 2-4dBi, -153dBc, N-female
33-8055-A Omnidirectional in-building wideband antenna, 698-6000, 2-4dBi, -153dBc, N-female
33-8056-A Omnidirectional in-building wideband antenna, 380-6000, 2.2-5.7dBi, -153dBc, N-female
33-8015-A Omnidirectional in-building dome antenna, 350-450MHz, 3dBi, N-Female
33-8027-A Omnidirectional in-building dome antenna, 800-2500MHz, 3dBi, N-Female
  Directional SISO Antennas
33-8047-A Directional in-building antenna, 698-960/1700-2700MHz, 7/8dBi, -153dBc, N-female
33-8053-A Directional in-building wideband antenna, 698-3800MHz, 5-7dBi, -153dBc, 4.3-10 female
33-8017-A Directional in-building antenna, 350-450MHz, 7dBi, N-Female
33-8019-A Directional in-building antenna, 806-960MHz, 7dBi, N-Female
  Omnidirectional MIMO Antennas
33-8049-A Omnidirectional in-building MIMO antenna, 698-960/1710-2700MHz, 2.5/4dBi, -153dBc, N-female
33-8052-A Omnidirectional in-building wideband MIMO antenna, 698-3800MHz, 2-4dBi, -153dBc, 4.3-10 female
  Directional MIMO Antennas
33-8050-A Directional in-building MIMO antenna, 698-960/1710-2700MHz, 7/8dBi, -153dBc, N-female
33-8054-A Directional in-building wideband MIMO antenna, 698-3800MHz, 4-6dBi, -153dBc, 4.3-10 female
  Directional Stadium Antennas
33-8057-A Directional stadium antenna, 698-2700MHz, 8/9dBi, -150dBc, N-female
33-8058-A Directional stadium antenna, 698-2700MHz, 11/12dBi, -150dBc, N-female
  Yagi Antennas
33-8048-A Yagi antenna, 698-2700MHz, 8/9dBi, -153dBc, N-female 
33-8018-A Yagi antenna, 350-450MHz, 12dBi, N-female
33-8021-A Yagi antenna, 800-2500MHz, 9dBi, N-female
  Train Antenna
33-8059-A Wideband train antenna, 698-2700, 5-6dBi, -150dBc, N-female