In today’s 24/7 on demand world, mission-critical business systems must be available 100% of the time. Downtime cannot be tolerated, which is where a UPS system can assist. With wide range of Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) including transformer-less, transformer-based and line-interactive UPS, CommNet Systems offers a competitive edge to businesses in need of first-rate power solutions. CommNet’s UPSs are designed to ensure the protection of mission critical applications by providing continuous flow of energy under all circumstances.

CommNet UPSs are viable to be used in all sectors of life including financial services, telecommunications, IT, retail, transport, government, power, oil, gas, water, education, medical, leisure and manufacturing industries.

We have a commitment to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction by providing real products and solutions that work reliably and meet your specific needs. This commitment to customer care does not stop here, all our power backup and alternative energy products are backed by a superb after sales service providing comprehensive emergency breakdown and spares support.